29 Mar 2010

World Mobile Market Figures

Mobile Marketing posted by Digital4 Romania

One of the most interesting market in the new media area is the mobile market. The advantages of mobile marketing/advertising are outstanding:
– the mobile phone is personal (90% of users are located where their phone is)
– mobile phones are more omnipresent than PCs
– interactivity (click2call, click2buy, click2sms are methods to make the user take action immediately)
– targeting (age, gender, location, expenses, interests)

Even in Romania this market has some characteristics that makes it very very hot: penetration rate of more than 100% (128%, 27+ millions users), over 90% of consumer population owns a mobile phone, high growth rate for social media applications on the phone (Facebook, Twitter)

Globally the situation is very interesting, with mobile phone users number being almost 3 times higher than TV and Internet users and more than 8 times higher than daily newspaper users. Also SMS users are 2.5 to 1 compared to email users. The following sheet shows the worldwide figures of Mobile Market. Enjoy!

(via Antonio Eram)

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