23 Mar 2010

Digital4 joined BRAT/SATI

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Since last week Digital4 is a full member of BRAT and also a member of SATI – the independent traffic and audience tool which became a standard for the market.The move of joining BRAT and its digital department, SATI,  was a natural one, as Digital4 is dedicated to follow the industry standards and rules. Also some of our publishers are members of SATI through Digital4 or as independent members.

There are plenty of reasons for joining SATI, like:
– it’s an independent traffic measurement system
– the market decides the directions to be followed in measurement of traffic and audience (media agencies, publishers and sales houses – are all members of SATI)
– the clients are used with BRAT from the print area, the agencies as well – they both embraced it as a standard very easy
– provides audience profiles and comparison using the same tool
– all the major publishers are in SATI.

We hope that more and more publishers will understand the advantages brought by an independent traffic measurement tool and we’ll join this department.


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