16 Sep 2012

Pericolele „Do Not Track” sau „The Internet Should Not Be A Luxury”

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Un excelent articol al lui Eric Wheeler pentru TechCrunch ne povesteste despre pericolele intrarii in vigoare a protocolului „Do Not Track” aflat pe masa de lucru a Congresului SUA. Pericole reflectate asupra industriei de publicitate online, a playerilor „grei” (FB, GOOG, YHO), a regiilor de publicitate, a publisherilor mici, dar si a consumatorilor.


Moreover, we as consumers would suffer. While Do Not Track was conceived in order to protect consumers, it would actually make our time on the Internet a noticeably worse experience by forcing us to watch untargeted, annoying ads aimed at getting our attention (think “Lose Weight Now!”) versus receiving relevant ads that better align with our interests. It could take the industry back 12 years in terms of consumer experience with the DNT privacy notice pop-ups appearing with almost every click. And worse, Do Not Track puts us all on a path to paying subscription fees to visit sites that today we freely consume (thanks advertisers!).

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